Beating Stacey Abrams’ False Claims in Court


For years, Stacey Abrams refused to concede that she lost the 2018 Governor’s race. Later, on the rare occasions when she would acknowledge that she did indeed lose, she pushed the Big Lie that she only lost because there was “voter suppression” in Georgia. The truth is, voter registration and participation are at an all-time high in Georgia. But Stacey and the liberal Left have sued Georgia over and over again, and Chris is beating them 18-0 so far. The “Stacey Says” standard works on the media, but Chris has proven that her reckless claims don’t hold up in court.

The Heritage Foundation ranked Georgia No. 1 in the nation for election integrity, and while Stacey Abrams and the far left national extremists encourage boycotts harming hardworking Georgians, Chris will always push back against the Democrats’ false claims that our law prevents anyone from voting.